It’s Seder Time at the Finny’s …

Observing Passover at the first Seder … felt like Spring time inside … but the blanket of snow the first half of the day could have fooled you.  It was fun, crazy, delicious … wonderful to share the tradition with family & friends.

A Great-Niece & -Nephew … How GREAT is That???

Dillon Jacob Spoon

Natalie Jean Bolak

Natalie Jean Bolak

INTRODUCING … Natalie Jean Bolak

Our great-niece (oy, does that make us sound OLD!) was born on Wed, Feb 3 at 8:21pm (very long labor), weighing in at 8 lb. 4 oz.  She is so beautiful … so very sweet … &, right now, the spitting image of Teddy (those Bolak genes are mighty strong).  Mazel tov to Shannon & Teddy on the birth of their first child, the beautiful Natalie Jean Bolak!!!

Natalie Jean Bolak

Natalie, Shannon, & Teddy Bolak

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