FINALLY … Stan’s 60th Birthday Party BOOK

Okay, so I’m not the speediest person for getting my books compiled & published. 
But … BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!  So here is my latest BLURB book … 
                   STAN’S 60th BIRTHDAY PARTY
                                          May 2, 2009

High Holiday Tables 2011

So, I have been SO VERY remiss about posting.  <sigh>  What can I say?  Very, very busy & focused on other things, I guess.  Well, here are the photos from Rosh Hashanah dinner & Yom Kippur break-fast … FINALLY.  I forgot to photograph the dinner tables for Yom Kippur, so I just included the flower arrangements.  The tables were so pretty with citrus taffeta tablecloths & orange taffeta circle napkins, tied with dark hot pink ribbons .  It was so wonderful being surrounded by family & friends!

Leigh Spoon & Zachary Shull … JUST MARRIED!!!

Leigh (my niece) & Zach had the most wonderful, gorgeous, fun, delicious wedding weekend in Boston.  They were married at the Mandarin Oriental Boston by their dear family friends, Larry Bacow & Jack Feder.  You can share this special occasion with us as you view their abbreviated wedding video.

Stanley was doing a beautiful job videotaping the ceremony with our Flip, but you will see a few mishaps … (1) when Anette, Ryan, & Dillon walked down the aisle Stanley was unprepared, so he didn’t capture Ryan & Anette’s face … just her boobs 😉  , (2) he didn’t realize that Randi was walking down the aisle, so he neglected to capture her special moment, but does have her under the chuppah, & (3) the videotaping concludes before the traditional “breaking-of-the-glass” since the Flip battery died.  What a bummer!!!

It’s Seder Time at the Finny’s …

Observing Passover at the first Seder … felt like Spring time inside … but the blanket of snow the first half of the day could have fooled you.  It was fun, crazy, delicious … wonderful to share the tradition with family & friends.

Bokka’s 60th Birthday Disney Cruise (VIDEO)

For my 60th birthday (May 28, 2010), all I wanted was to spend time with all the kids & grandkids.  And what better way to do that than to go on a Disney Cruise with all 15 of us?!!!  Everyone had a blast, especially the kids.  Since I was still recovering from my back surgery, I could not participate in all the events … but I did my darnedest to keep up.

Lo & behold, Koby just put together a FABULOUS video montage to remember our wonderful trip together.  Click on the link below & ENJOY!
Bokka’s 60th.

Finny Family Pix

One of my 60th birthday gifts from the “kids” was a photo session by Shannon Wright of Pure Photography.  These gorgeous photographs were taken quite some time ago, but here a few to enjoy:

Chase, Koby, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Frankie Finsilver

Brett, Frankie, Lindsey, & Charlie Finsilver

Frankie, Brett, Charlie, & Lindsey Finsilver

Koby, Charlie, Chase, Frankie, Reese, Shari, & Stanley

Brett, Lindsey, Shari, Stanley, Amy, Steve, Koby, Frankie, Reese, Charlie, Chase

Amy & Steven Ben-Ezra

Brett & Steve

Charlie, Stanley, & Brett

Chase Ben-Ezra

Chase Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Charlie Finsilver

Charlie FinsilverSteven, Koby, Chase, Amy, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby, Charlie, Shari, Chase, Stanley, Frankie, & Reese

Stanley, Koby, & Steven

Brett & Lindsey Finsilver

Amy & Reese

Charlie’s Hat Trick

We all cheered as Charlie scored 3 goals & 2 assists that day to help the Blackhawks win their game.  Great skating, Charlie!  Not pictured: Janis & Harvey Eisman who trekked in from Flint to root on Charlie.  Jan & H, we love you guys!!!

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