FINALLY … Stan’s 60th Birthday Party BOOK

Okay, so I’m not the speediest person for getting my books compiled & published. 
But … BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!  So here is my latest BLURB book … 
                   STAN’S 60th BIRTHDAY PARTY
                                          May 2, 2009

Bokka’s 60th Birthday Disney Cruise (VIDEO)

For my 60th birthday (May 28, 2010), all I wanted was to spend time with all the kids & grandkids.  And what better way to do that than to go on a Disney Cruise with all 15 of us?!!!  Everyone had a blast, especially the kids.  Since I was still recovering from my back surgery, I could not participate in all the events … but I did my darnedest to keep up.

Lo & behold, Koby just put together a FABULOUS video montage to remember our wonderful trip together.  Click on the link below & ENJOY!
Bokka’s 60th.

Chicago Party Time!

We celebrated at our 2nd annual Goulden Touch Foundation / International Essential Tremor Foundation gala fundraiser in Chicago last night with some of our favorite people

GTF / IETF Gala 11-14-09

Talia Dolgin, Lauren Schmier, Lena Schwartz, Darren Schwartz, Stanley Finsilver, Shari Finsilver, Johannah Whitefield, Ari Dolgin, Julie Oleshansky, Michael Oleshansky

Memories of Mexico, Dec 2008

Our family trip to Mexico December, 2008 is but a distant memory.  But this photo of our entire clan helps us look forward to a return.  Pictured, from left, are (front row) Chase Ben-Ezra, Charlie Finsilver, Reese Ben-Ezra, Drake Schwartz, (middle row) Steve Ben-Ezra (kneeling), Koby Ben-Ezra, Milo Schwartz, Shari Finsilver, Lena Schwartz, Lindsey Finsilver, Brett Finsilver (holding) Frankie Finsilver, (back row) Darren Schwartz, Stanley Finsilver, Amy Ben-Ezra.

Mexico 2008

Get Your Bling On With BLINGERZ!!! (VIDEO)

What are BLINGERZ??? The lastest, coolest fashion rhinestone accessory to give your shoes some attitude.  Check out this video on Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV news with Jon Jordan 6/8/09.  Bling it on!!!!!!!! Order yours at  Also, follow Blingerz on Twitter (blingerz) or Facebook.  Great job, Amy & Lena.

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