Dillon’s New Trick …


Dillon … Just Chillin’

Since last week had been one of the most difficult of our lives, I neglected to post this cute photo of Dillon.  Shame on me, Auntie Shari!  Here he is wishing his Grandpa Alan (Spoon) a happy 60th birthday on June 4. 

Hey, look at my 2 teeth!!!

Dillon … aaaaawwww!!!!

This past weekend we took Reese to Washington DC for her 8th birthday present.  Coincidentally, ALL the Spoons were there for Heather Babby’s wedding.  We got to visit with all of them for a short period of time … all except Dillon.  Poop!!!  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.  Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for Leigh & Zach’s wedding in August, when I’ll have to fight for a few minutes of his time.  <SIGH>  In the meantime, Terri took lots of wonderful photographs of Dillon to ease my pain.

Dillon’s a little fish, just like his old man …

Dillon is taking to the water … just like a fish … just like Ryan did when he was a baby.

Dillon … LIVE!!! (VIDEO)

Getting to play with Dillon in person … in Ryan & Anette’s new home in Menlo Park, CA … was just the best!  Every time I play this video, I get to remember what a sweet, fun, responsive, smart little boy he is.  Or, better yet, I can just FaceTime!

Dillon, Dillon, Dillon …

Geez, is he gorgeous!!!

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