FINALLY … Stan’s 60th Birthday Party BOOK

Okay, so I’m not the speediest person for getting my books compiled & published. 
But … BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!  So here is my latest BLURB book … 
                   STAN’S 60th BIRTHDAY PARTY
                                          May 2, 2009

High Holiday Tables 2011

So, I have been SO VERY remiss about posting.  <sigh>  What can I say?  Very, very busy & focused on other things, I guess.  Well, here are the photos from Rosh Hashanah dinner & Yom Kippur break-fast … FINALLY.  I forgot to photograph the dinner tables for Yom Kippur, so I just included the flower arrangements.  The tables were so pretty with citrus taffeta tablecloths & orange taffeta circle napkins, tied with dark hot pink ribbons .  It was so wonderful being surrounded by family & friends!

Leigh Spoon & Zachary Shull … JUST MARRIED!!!

Leigh (my niece) & Zach had the most wonderful, gorgeous, fun, delicious wedding weekend in Boston.  They were married at the Mandarin Oriental Boston by their dear family friends, Larry Bacow & Jack Feder.  You can share this special occasion with us as you view their abbreviated wedding video.

Stanley was doing a beautiful job videotaping the ceremony with our Flip, but you will see a few mishaps … (1) when Anette, Ryan, & Dillon walked down the aisle Stanley was unprepared, so he didn’t capture Ryan & Anette’s face … just her boobs 😉  , (2) he didn’t realize that Randi was walking down the aisle, so he neglected to capture her special moment, but does have her under the chuppah, & (3) the videotaping concludes before the traditional “breaking-of-the-glass” since the Flip battery died.  What a bummer!!!

It’s Seder Time at the Finny’s …

Observing Passover at the first Seder … felt like Spring time inside … but the blanket of snow the first half of the day could have fooled you.  It was fun, crazy, delicious … wonderful to share the tradition with family & friends.

Bokka’s 60th Birthday Disney Cruise (VIDEO)

For my 60th birthday (May 28, 2010), all I wanted was to spend time with all the kids & grandkids.  And what better way to do that than to go on a Disney Cruise with all 15 of us?!!!  Everyone had a blast, especially the kids.  Since I was still recovering from my back surgery, I could not participate in all the events … but I did my darnedest to keep up.

Lo & behold, Koby just put together a FABULOUS video montage to remember our wonderful trip together.  Click on the link below & ENJOY!
Bokka’s 60th.

Finny Family Pix

One of my 60th birthday gifts from the “kids” was a photo session by Shannon Wright of Pure Photography.  These gorgeous photographs were taken quite some time ago, but here a few to enjoy:

Chase, Koby, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Frankie Finsilver

Brett, Frankie, Lindsey, & Charlie Finsilver

Frankie, Brett, Charlie, & Lindsey Finsilver

Koby, Charlie, Chase, Frankie, Reese, Shari, & Stanley

Brett, Lindsey, Shari, Stanley, Amy, Steve, Koby, Frankie, Reese, Charlie, Chase

Amy & Steven Ben-Ezra

Brett & Steve

Charlie, Stanley, & Brett

Chase Ben-Ezra

Chase Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Charlie Finsilver

Charlie FinsilverSteven, Koby, Chase, Amy, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby, Charlie, Shari, Chase, Stanley, Frankie, & Reese

Stanley, Koby, & Steven

Brett & Lindsey Finsilver

Amy & Reese

CELEBRATING Grandma Dolly & Grandpa Bob …

It”s amazing to me how long they’ve been gone … but clearly never forgotten by their family.

Here’s my mom, Dolly (Seltzer Alper Solomon), holding Ryan while she was in Chicago, at the Spoon house, helping Terri care for her newborn baby (1981).

And here’s my dad, Bob Alper, helping his grandson, Brett Finsilver, learn the finer art of cigar-smoking (1983). 

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