Anette & Ryan’s Wedding Photos … A Sneak Peek

Take a peek at some of the most beautiful wedding photos you’ve ever seen!  Click on this link for a preview from the amazing Bello Photographers

This is just a shot by Terri at the brunch:

Ryan, Randi, Anette - wedding weekend brunch

Ryan, Randi, Anette - wedding weekend brunch


Spoon Wedding Ceremony – 5 Parts (VIDEO)

Finally … the wedding ceremony has been divided into 5 small videosAnette & Ryan were married by the Spoons’ dear family friend, Larry Bacow (Alan’s MIT roommate & currently the Tufts University president).  Another wonderful friend, Jack Feder, served as the cantorial soloist.  The ceremony was beautiful, personal, warm, & deeply touching.  We were all freezing, so you can only imagine how cold Anette & her bridesmaids were!

Ta Da … Anette & Ryan Spoon’s Wedding 9/6/09 (VIDEO)

On a beautiful, but blustery day, in Chatham, MA (Cape Cod) at the magnificent Wequassett Resort, Anette Herrera & Ryan Spoon got married.  Our 5 grandchildren were graced with the honor of serving as flower girls & ring bearers.  Here they are attempting to pose for some photographs.  I just noticed that Chase must have switched his handsome shoes for his red Crocs … probably because the shoes were uncomfortable.

Here they are posing with Anette & Ryan:

Here is a glimpse of how breathtaking Anette looked:

And now the bridesmaids & groomsmen begin their entrance:




Just a hint of Anette as she begins her ascent to make her beautiful, grand entrance:


Frankie is having a great time dancing with her daddy, Brett, at the reception:

Finny Family Photos …

I’m finally posting some new pix on this updated website.  Some of you have already seen these on Facebook, but I’m just trying to get the hang of this.  Then I’ll start posting new pix.  My nephew, Ryan Spoon, created this blog for me & it has taken me forever to update it.  I guess working night & day for 9 months on Stanley’s 60th birthday bash just didn’t leave me any free time!  Enjoy these beautiful photos.  And thanks again, Ryan, for all your help!!!  You’re amazing. 🙂

The gorgeous Spoon photos are all courtesy of Bello Photography at

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