CALLING ALL … Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends

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Frankie the Skating Queen (VIDEO)

At Charlie’s birthday party in June, Frankie was out there showing us her stuff.  Auntie Terri was even here to share in the fun!

Koby … airborne!

Koby makes a big splash with his cannonball at Regene Schmier’s pool, while visiting with the Florida Schmier clan … Linda, Bobby, Brian, Jake, & Chloe.

Wonderful Moments in Photos

Just saw some of the fabulous pix on Brett’s Facebook page, so I decided to post them.  Love these cuties

Frankie, Charlie, & Chase 7/10

Frankie & Charlie 6/08

Chase, Reese, Charlie, & Frankie at the Spoon wedding 9/09


The BLINGERZ video is finally here!  PHENOMENAL job by Bryce Harding  & Amy Ben-Ezra, starring Reese Ben-Ezra, Sophie Chernow, Annie Chernow, & a bunch of great kids (ok, Koby Ben-Ezra too).  ENJOY … & get your BLINGERZ at or local stores (which are listed).


We are the champions … CHARLIE FINSILVER

This photo is from May 25, when Charlie’s hockey team WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  Charlie is one heck of a skater & hockey player, let alone all-around athlete.

Charlie turns 7!!!

Although this has been one of the most difficult weeks of our lives, Charlie’s 7th birthday celebration was the high point.  Hooray for Charlie’s hockey / skating party, held at Troy Sports Center.  What a blast watching all these kids just blazing around the ice, having a fabulous time.  The cake was soooooo cool …

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