Halloween 2011 – Ben-Ezra’s

Reese, Steven, & Koby …

Chase, Koby, & Reese:


Scary Frankie

Frankie Finsilver, trying to scare us, but looking too cute.

Re-lighting a Detroit Landmark

Wow … Stanley Finsilver re-lit the ball on the top of the Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit last night.  How cool is that?!!!  He helped to bring a bit of Detroit back to us all.


FINALLY … Stan’s 60th Birthday Party BOOK

Okay, so I’m not the speediest person for getting my books compiled & published. 
But … BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!  So here is my latest BLURB book … 
                   STAN’S 60th BIRTHDAY PARTY
                                          May 2, 2009


High Holiday Tables 2011

So, I have been SO VERY remiss about posting.  <sigh>  What can I say?  Very, very busy & focused on other things, I guess.  Well, here are the photos from Rosh Hashanah dinner & Yom Kippur break-fast … FINALLY.  I forgot to photograph the dinner tables for Yom Kippur, so I just included the flower arrangements.  The tables were so pretty with citrus taffeta tablecloths & orange taffeta circle napkins, tied with dark hot pink ribbons .  It was so wonderful being surrounded by family & friends!

Kids, Kids, Kids … ANNUAL PARTY 2011

Our annual party at Camp Stanley was a huge blast, as always.  And, thankfully, the weather held out … even after a night & morning of rain!  But no one cared … it was games, food, water, boats, fun, as usual.  Except … we REALLY MISSED Lindsey.  Can’t wait til she can rejoin the festivities next year!!!

Lake Placid Olympic Ice Arena!!!

Steve & Chase Ben-Ezra shared an unforgettable father-son week at hockey camp at Lake Placid, NY.  Here they are on the Olympic Ice Arena!

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