CALLING ALL … Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends

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OVARIAN CANCER … Important Information

IETF Spirit of Hope Award Photos

What a wonderful evening!  Here are some of the beautiful pix that were taken of those attending: family, friends, IETF board members, Henry Ford medical staff, Henry Ford philanthropy staff, Henry Ford board members.  Thank you all for coming.  It meant the world to me.

IETF Cover Story … OY!!!

Whoa … as if it wasn’t enough that I won the SHARI FINSILVER Spirit of Hope Award from the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) … DAYENU … & I was honored at the most unbelievable event at Henry Ford West  Bloomfield Hospital with all my family & friends … DAYENU …  I am now featured ON THE COVER of the newest TREMOR TALK news magazine!  How much excitement can one broad take???

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends …

Please JOIN US for a fabulous event!!!

ET / PD Awareness Expo … 1st Day

Wow, I’m exhausted!  Up at 5am to work out, then at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital at 9am for our first day of a three-day ET / PD Awareness Expo.  Just got home at 8:30pm.  It was so successful!!!  Okay, so we need to do a little tweaking & we have ideas for making it bigger & better next year.  But it’s a great event.  Thanks, Julia Gorham, for all of your hard work organizing this fabulous expo. 

Share the ET Awareness …


In December 2010, Congress passed a House resolution that officially designates March as “National Essential Tremor Awareness Month.”  

National Essential Tremor Awareness Month provides you and the IETF with a key platform to educate the public about the condition, as well as raise much needed research funds. While 10 million people in the United States have essential tremor, the public still has very little awareness of  ET. Because the condition can be treated in many cases, it is important for people to seek help early if they exhibit symptoms. With your assistance, we can reach more people this year.

Learn how YOU can get involved:

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