Ronnie Finsilver … We love you & miss you

It had been a very difficult 8 years for Ronnie.  I wished life could have given him happier times, but he was SURROUNDED by a world of family & friends that loved him.  His legacy is a great one … his sons, Michael & Matthew.

3 Responses

  1. Why was it bad that he was surrounded by the people that loved him because you you said I wish his life had happier times and your right about that but then you said but he was surrounded by the family and friends that loved him. So that’s my question.


    P.S. I’m one of those family members too right because I did love him and I still do. And I just found out in my feelings that me and Uncle Ronnie had a closer band then I thought.

    Again Love,

  2. I mean bond on my P.S. message

  3. Koby,

    Uncle Ronnie was lucky to have you in his life. He loved you very much. And, yes, you had a close bond … your love of music, the water, boating, fishing.

    It was GREAT that he was surrounded by all the people that loved him. I just meant that he was happier before he had his stroke.


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