The BLINGERZ video is finally here!  PHENOMENAL job by Bryce Harding  & Amy Ben-Ezra, starring Reese Ben-Ezra, Sophie Chernow, Annie Chernow, & a bunch of great kids (ok, Koby Ben-Ezra too).  ENJOY … & get your BLINGERZ at or local stores (which are listed).


Gorgeous engagement photos of LEIGH & ZACH

If you’re on Facebook, you can check out these BEAUTIFUL pix of Leigh Spoon & Zach Shull.  They met at MIT, where they both just received their MBA’s.  Click on the link below to view BELLO PHOTO’s fabulous shoot of the cute couple.!/media/set/?set=a.774282499514.2284037.1303106

We are the champions … CHARLIE FINSILVER

This photo is from May 25, when Charlie’s hockey team WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  Charlie is one heck of a skater & hockey player, let alone all-around athlete.

Smarty-pants Leigh Spoon & Zach Shull …

And here is our niece, Leigh Spoon, during her & Zach Shull’s (her fiance) graduation from MIT Sloan Business Schoolreceiving their MBA’s.  So proud of you both!!!

Zach is on the left …

Dillon … Just Chillin’

Since last week had been one of the most difficult of our lives, I neglected to post this cute photo of Dillon.  Shame on me, Auntie Shari!  Here he is wishing his Grandpa Alan (Spoon) a happy 60th birthday on June 4. 

Charlie turns 7!!!

Although this has been one of the most difficult weeks of our lives, Charlie’s 7th birthday celebration was the high point.  Hooray for Charlie’s hockey / skating party, held at Troy Sports Center.  What a blast watching all these kids just blazing around the ice, having a fabulous time.  The cake was soooooo cool …


Francesca Finsilver, the famous, on-stage, big personality, is seen here in full costume & makeup, rehearsing for her big dance recital.  Take it away, Frankie …

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