Awwwwwwww … Leigh & Reese

Reese got her 8th birthday trip to Washington DC with us, Bokka & Poppa.  Luckily for us, the Spoons were also in town for the weekend, so we had a quickie rendezvous.  Reese was ECSTATIC to see her cousins.

Leigh Spoon & Reese Ben-Ezra

IETF Spirit of Hope Award Photos

What a wonderful evening!  Here are some of the beautiful pix that were taken of those attending: family, friends, IETF board members, Henry Ford medical staff, Henry Ford philanthropy staff, Henry Ford board members.  Thank you all for coming.  It meant the world to me.

SPOON FASHION … translating architecture into fashion design

Wow … living like PROJECT RUNWAYRandi Spoon, my niece, gives us the opportunity to observe, learn, & understand how a fashion designer’s mind works as she builds her new collection from the ground up (hey, that’s the real estate in me talking).  We actually get to see how she looks at the fabulous NYC architecture & translates those “ah-ha” moments into her own creations.  Loving it!!!  And, thanks so much, Randi, for bringing all of us along for the ride.  Go to SPOON FASHION on Facebook to watch her progress.

It’s Seder Time at the Finny’s …

Observing Passover at the first Seder … felt like Spring time inside … but the blanket of snow the first half of the day could have fooled you.  It was fun, crazy, delicious … wonderful to share the tradition with family & friends.

SPOON FASHION … Coming Soon … Stay Tuned!!!

Randi Spoon, my niece, has started her new business venture, Spoon Fashion.  She is one talented fashion designer, so stay tuned for her fabulous collection as it unfolds here.

Go to her Facebook page & LIKE IT to show your support:!/pages/Spoon-Fashion/202130003151107

Dillon … aaaaawwww!!!!

This past weekend we took Reese to Washington DC for her 8th birthday present.  Coincidentally, ALL the Spoons were there for Heather Babby’s wedding.  We got to visit with all of them for a short period of time … all except Dillon.  Poop!!!  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him.  Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for Leigh & Zach’s wedding in August, when I’ll have to fight for a few minutes of his time.  <SIGH>  In the meantime, Terri took lots of wonderful photographs of Dillon to ease my pain.

See Jane Rock … & Grow as a Band!!!

Wow, See Jane Rock, the rock band formed by Sydney & Emilia Schmier, 14-year-old daughters of Mark Schmier & Holly Baird, has been together for quite some time … & getting a lot of notice.  Mark just sent me their latest song, which is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Their music, vocals, mixing, etc. have really come a looooong way.  And now they just sold their first song to Banshee Music Publishing.  After playing at DTE, local clubs, L.A., …, everywhere they can … maybe they’ll get their big break!  Wishing them the best of luck …

Listen to them (click on the link below) & tell me they’re not great!
Ignored Mix 4

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