ET / PD Awareness Expo … 1st Day

Wow, I’m exhausted!  Up at 5am to work out, then at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital at 9am for our first day of a three-day ET / PD Awareness Expo.  Just got home at 8:30pm.  It was so successful!!!  Okay, so we need to do a little tweaking & we have ideas for making it bigger & better next year.  But it’s a great event.  Thanks, Julia Gorham, for all of your hard work organizing this fabulous expo. 

Remember ESSENTIAL TREMOR even though March is soon ending …

“The embarrassment many of us feel when we shake is causing us to allow tremor to take over our lives.  Instead, we must speak up about our tremor, letting people know that we shake & that our shaking is caused by a condition called essential tremor.  In doing so, we make others & ourselves much more comfortable.  We don’t allow ET to define us.”  – Shari Finsilver

Koby’s Talent Show 2011

Koby’s drum-playing brought the house down at the West Maple Elementary 2011 Talent Show.  He performed last year (which is also shown on this blog) & has grown tremendously due to the great teaching by Bryce HardingEnjoy!!!


I can’t believe Koby is turning double digits tomorrow.  Yikes, when he did get so old?  Now he spends all his time on the computer, learning something new every day … e-mailing, online chatting, creating videos, texting, …   And when he’s not doing that, he’s playing Wii or trying to get me to take him to Marvelous Marvin’s.  Happy birthday, Koby!  I LOVE YOU!!!

And the Winners are … KOBY & REESE BEN-EZRA!!!

Koby entered the PTA Reflections contest at his school, writing & recording original music, entitled “Anything.”  Reese did the same, writing & recording her song, “Save the Earth.”   They both won their school competition & were entered into the state competition!  And then Koby found out he won the Critic’s Choice Award at the state level!!!  I’ll post pictures of Koby receiving his trophy after the award ceremony.

Here is Koby’s song:  Anything

Now listen to Reese’s song:  Save The Earth

Dillon’s a little fish, just like his old man …

Dillon is taking to the water … just like a fish … just like Ryan did when he was a baby.

OMG … the Shari Finsilver SPIRIT OF HOPE Award

I was completely overwhelmed, not only when I was told I was being presented with the inaugural Spirit of Hope Award, but that the award was being named in my honor.  Whoa … I need to catch my breath!!!

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