Finny Family Pix

One of my 60th birthday gifts from the “kids” was a photo session by Shannon Wright of Pure Photography.  These gorgeous photographs were taken quite some time ago, but here a few to enjoy:

Chase, Koby, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Frankie Finsilver

Brett, Frankie, Lindsey, & Charlie Finsilver

Frankie, Brett, Charlie, & Lindsey Finsilver

Koby, Charlie, Chase, Frankie, Reese, Shari, & Stanley

Brett, Lindsey, Shari, Stanley, Amy, Steve, Koby, Frankie, Reese, Charlie, Chase

Amy & Steven Ben-Ezra

Brett & Steve

Charlie, Stanley, & Brett

Chase Ben-Ezra

Chase Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Koby Ben-Ezra

Charlie Finsilver

Charlie FinsilverSteven, Koby, Chase, Amy, & Reese Ben-Ezra

Koby, Charlie, Shari, Chase, Stanley, Frankie, & Reese

Stanley, Koby, & Steven

Brett & Lindsey Finsilver

Amy & Reese

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