Whitey Turns 60!!!

Celebrating (belatedly) Marc Whitefield’s 60th birthday at Cafe Via was special indeed!  Friends (for many, many years) all got together & presented Marc with his new deer fencing for the expansion of his magnificent garden.  Love you, Marc!!!


Soul Uplighting Music by Sam Kay (VIDEO)

Whenever I need a bit of help lifting my soul, I turn to this breathtaking Psalm put to music & sung by Sam Kay, a teenage member of Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  You can’t listen to this without being moved … I assure you.

Catch Charlie’s Continuing Comments on the NYY (Video)

Charlie Going Out for a Pass (VIDEO)

Charlie Finsilver, star athlete, completes a long pass, shortly before he comments about the opening game of the Red Sox & NY Yankees.

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