LIVE on TODAY SHOW: Deep-Brain Stimulation Surgery for ET Patient!!! (VIDEO)


Wow!  The TODAY SHOW actually produced a live segment in the OR, showing an ET (Essential Tremor) patient receiving DBS (Deep-Brain Stimulation) surgery.  What was so terrific about this production is that the patient had DBS previously performed on one side, so you can actually see the dramatic difference between one hand that is uncontrollably shaking & one that is virtually tremor-free.  After the electrode is successfully implanted in the thalamus of the brain (don’t worry … you don’t see any surgery performed), you can now see the thrilling outcome when stimulation is sent to the brain … the patient’s hand is steady as a rock

Watch the video:

2 Responses

  1. We watched the video but the sound was not in sync and we couldn’t hear the names of the physicians who were performing the procedure…the neurosurgeon or neurologist. Does anyone have that information? Thanks.

    • Hi Lynn, You might want to replay it later or another day. Also, try the link on the site of the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF),, clicking on the section entitled, In The News. I think it’s just not playing well temporarily. I believe the neurosurgeon is Dr. Ron Alterman. Please get the exact name & contact info at the IETF office 1-888-387-3667 or Hope this helps! … Shari

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