More Boston Pix …

Wonder if my sister, Terri, ever got her house back together?  Oy!!!  Will she ever let us return???

Koby & Chase cooling off & having a blast!Leigh, Randi, Koby, Ryan, Chase, LeighThe kids meeting Leigh's friend, the firefighter, who gave them a private tour!Reese feeling right at home in the fire truckKoby sliding down the pole ... with assistanceIs this tour great ... or what?!!!Koby & Chase looking so cuteA gorgeous setting ... sailboats on the Charles River ... seen while touringChase & Koby looking cute ... againLeigh with the kids outside her very cute apartmentChase, Reese, Koby goofing at Jordan's Furniture Store, which has the GREATEST 3-D IMAX theater (can you believe it???)!Koby, Ryan, Randi, Leigh, Chase - how great to spend time together!

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  1. So mom and I just came across these photos and we want them! please email the actual images so we can save them and include them in the yearly album! thank youu!! Love and Miss

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