RYAN SPOON Joins Polaris Venture Partners … Woo Hoo!!!

Ryan & Anette

Ryan writes in his blog (www.ryanspoon.com/blog):

I am excited to announce that, starting Monday, I will be joining Polaris Venture Partners and will work out of the Dog Patch Lab on Pier 38. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to get to know the Polaris team and I am eager to begin working with them in a different capacity. I have enjoyed my time at eBay, Widgetbox and beRecruited, but have always wanted to move into venture. My two questions were: what is the right time and where is the right fit.

Polaris is certainly the right fit and the timing is particularly exciting because I will be based in the Dog Patch Lab – a vibrant collection of entrepreneurs and start ups on Pier 38 off of Embarcadero (portfolio company LOLapps and ThingLabs launched here). The lab is operated by Polaris and focused at connecting entrepreneurs and helping founders conceive and build startups.

If you read this blog, you know my interests: consumer internet, digital media, mobile and social media. I will also enjoy being exposed to other investment areas as Polaris is diversified across industries and stages: life sciences, growth equity and technology.

If you would like to tour the lab or find a time to meet, drop me a line!

Stay tuned for more information on events at the Dog Patch Lab (many are coming). You can find more about Polaris, the portfolio and the lab at:

VCMike (Mike Hirshland): Blog, Twitter
RyanSpoon.com: Blog, Twitter, Facebook
TechCrunch: Polaris & Dog Patch Labs
Xconomy.com: “Dog Patch Lab – An Entrepreneur’s Kennel”

Ryan’s blog has over 15,000 followers on the Internet & Twitter.  He is the authority on all things technical!
(Photo courtesy of Bello Photography http://www.bellophoto.com/)

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