My First Book

I finally got off my tush & published my first travel/photo/memory book with the help of  The book will be a surprise for Koby when he returns from his first overnight camp experience.  This was the Washington DC trip we took for Koby’s 8th birthday present … just Stanley, me, & Koby.   I haven’t seen the finished product yet, which should arrive next week, but it could never come close to the magnificent books my sister, Terri Spoon, keeps producing.  She’s one of the finest photographers & uses her artistic eye to lay out one masterpiece book after another.  I only hope mine is presentable & that Koby loves it!  Then maybe I’ll finally get all our other trips into book form (don’t hold your breath).

Washington DC 2009
  Koby in DC 2009

SCROLL DOWN … This is a blog!

Just a reminder that, since this is a blog, you should always scroll down to see previous (& all) posts.  You wouldn’t want to miss anything … would you???

Memories of Mexico, Dec 2008

Our family trip to Mexico December, 2008 is but a distant memory.  But this photo of our entire clan helps us look forward to a return.  Pictured, from left, are (front row) Chase Ben-Ezra, Charlie Finsilver, Reese Ben-Ezra, Drake Schwartz, (middle row) Steve Ben-Ezra (kneeling), Koby Ben-Ezra, Milo Schwartz, Shari Finsilver, Lena Schwartz, Lindsey Finsilver, Brett Finsilver (holding) Frankie Finsilver, (back row) Darren Schwartz, Stanley Finsilver, Amy Ben-Ezra.

Mexico 2008

Get Your Bling On With BLINGERZ!!! (VIDEO)

What are BLINGERZ??? The lastest, coolest fashion rhinestone accessory to give your shoes some attitude.  Check out this video on Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV news with Jon Jordan 6/8/09.  Bling it on!!!!!!!! Order yours at  Also, follow Blingerz on Twitter (blingerz) or Facebook.  Great job, Amy & Lena.

Widget … what’s that??? Ask Ryan Spoon (VIDEO)

Ever hear of a WIDGET?  Well, here to explain is Ryan Spoon, my nephew … direct from www.WIDGETBOX.COM

Stan’s 60th Bday Bash – THE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Now … for the first time … airing here … is the video of highlights from Stanley’s big May 2nd birthday bash.  Check it out!!!  Thanks, Jeffrey Schoenberg, for permission to post the video.  You ‘da man!

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