How One Person Can Make a Difference

Glioblastoma (GBM) is an ugly word … a big word for a very aggressive form of brain cancer.  Avastin is a drug that was discovered to have a very positive impact on GBM patients whose cancer had progressed after previous treatments.  This drug gives these patients a longer & higher-quality life … but, most of all, hope.

Mike Schott succumbed to the cruelties of GBM in 2008.  But his wife, Evonne Schott, saw what Avastin had given Mike … a chance for another year of life with his family … & an opportunity for many good days.  But the FDA had not yet approved the use of Avastin for GBM, which meant that most physicians were not prescribing this drug for their patients … & most patients could not afford the hefty price tag.  So Evonne went to work …

… Due to the courage, determination, & perservance of this woman (along with other patients, families, & professionals), on May 5, 2009 the FDA granted accelerated approval of Avastin for GBM that has progressed following prior therapy.  This fast-track approval was unanimously granted.  Evonne worked tirelessly for the memory of her husband as well as to provide hope to all other GBM patients. 

Evonne’s website/blog for Mike Schott is at

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